10th Asia Pacific Billing & RA Conference

I’ve recently returned from attending Beacon Event’s 10th annual Asia Pacific Billing and Revenue Assurance conference in Bangkok. While I’d planned and hoped to provide a daily update, that proved too difficult with an unstable hotel WiFi connection (missed revenue opportunity?) and so this comes to you a day later and 7500 kms away from the conference.

Tony Poulos provided a timely reminder within 10 minutes of the conference start when he spoke of the multi thousand person Billing events that used to be staged at Earl’s Court in London in the last 90’s and early 00’s. Of course these incorporated fraud and revenue assurance as well but while those days are long gone, there was a healthy 150 or so people in attendance.

If the agenda reflects what people want to hear and know about, then these are things for us to be aware of:

why not simplify pricing constructs to minimise the likelihood of revenue loss but also better manage customer experience and prevent bill shock?

What role should RA have in transformation projects? Everyone, not surprisingly, agreed RA should be involved but its ability to halt a transformation activity if KPIs are not being met was more contentious

Where should call senders sit in an overall RA strategy?

Where should RA sit in an organisation and should it be integrated with other functions including fraud, credit management, marketing, product management or extend its remit to business assurance and revenue protection?

How can RA and billing cooperate more with the traditional enemy of Marketing?

The increasing importance of analytical support for RA.

What unique challenges exist for multi play operators, and is the risk of loss from bundling and discounting greater than the risk on a single product line alone?

What does preventative RA or proactive RA actually look like?

What does it mean when the customer service group has a lower tolerance for leakage than the RA group?

Why is prepaid fraud so often overlooked and neglected, despite the significant amount of money sitting on the platform?

Some of these may resonate with you and some may not and, in large part, that comes down to the unique operating environment in which everyone works.

Mike Willett
Mike Willett
Mike is a Partner at Ernst & Young, Australia. He is responsible for enterprise intelligence, helping clients to improve their management and use of data. He can be contacted at: mike.willett@au.ey.com.

Mike was previously the Director for Fraud & Revenue Assurance at Telstra. He started his career at BellSouth (now Vodafone) in New Zealand and then moved to Praesidium Services in the UK. Mike graduated from the University of Auckland in New Zealand with degrees in psychology and marketing.