A Blink at RAG

Starting a new job in a fairly known company (that’s what it seemed) mostly involves getting familiar with the new processes, learning names of new colleagues and remembering the way to your new office. This seems to be the common understanding of “starting a new job”. What I, however, experienced was meeting around 100 people from around the whole globe, having very complex names (at least for a German), working in different companies that all follow their own processes. There was one thing we all had in common: we didn’t know the way to our office / venue.

These were the first and completely overwhelming experiences I had at my first RAG conference ever.

Following Eric’s statement on the marvelous speakers like Tony Sani, Kostadin Taneski, Tony Poulos or David Morrow, this opened a completely new view for me on what risk and assurance management really means. It’s not just about the regular phrase of “to think out of the box”, it was more about “thinking globally” and getting an insight of what other companies think of risk, in meaning and interpretation.

So for a newcomer like me, this was probably the best start to a new job that one can imagine. Instead of sitting in my office and reading through process descriptions, I had the chance to get “taught” about what RAG means.

I want to use this article to thank of course my boss Roman Lukes and Gjurgjica Gina Pesheva for the trust and support they already showed me in the first days of my new job here in Group Customer Finance at Deutsche Telekom.

I’m very glad that all participants have been satisfied with the onsite organization of the RAG conference in Bonn. And of course that we had the chance to intensify the discussions about the meaning of RAG and the long road that is still ahead to bring together all the diversified knowledge and experiences of each and everyone who is giving their best to do risk and assurance management.

Special thanks go to Eric Priezkalns, Rob Chapman, Yury Tsaregorodtsev, David Morrow, Luke Taylor and all the others who joined us for the event and created a familiar atmosphere.

This is what RAG is about – bringing people together and sharing their experiences and knowledge about risk and assurance management.

Stefan Lueg
Stefan Lueg
Stefan is fairly new to the topic of risk and assurance, having joined the Group Customer Finance team of Deutsche Telekom in June 2017.   Stefan started his professional career in Deutsche Telekom in 2006 as a trainee in retail sales. From 2009 – 2011 he was working for Telekom’s service unit in Dortmund and Düsseldorf to support and consult private and business customers. Before he joined Group Customer Finance, Stefan was working in the international mobile sales and service unit of DT, namely being responsible for the international revenue reporting and coordinating the collection with DT Accounting.   Stefan started his studies in economics in 2014 and will graduate in 2018.

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  1. Avatar Tony Poulos | 10 Jul 2017 at 10:27 am |

    Hi Stefan, thanks for the kind words, but I have to tell you that many of us that attend RAG regularly are constantly amazed at who we meet and what we hear. There is always something new to learn and this environment encourages sharing of experiences. Long live RAG!

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