Commsrisk is a website and social media hub that reports on the risks faced by electronic communications providers and their customers. We cover a broad spectrum of risk and assurance challenges because we see the connections between them; customer privacy is undermined by security weaknesses, technology exploits are invented by criminals, disgruntled employees are more likely to collude in fraud, and so on. Our content is written by industry insiders with a first-hand understanding of the impact risks can have.

It is also vital to pitch information at the right level. When it comes to insights about risks, most of us are presented with too much or too little information. We might plough through overwhelming detail when implementing information systems, but have nobody to warn us about important new initiatives from governments, competitors or suppliers. Commsrisk seeks to address these challenges by giving straightforward, regular, and digestible updates on all the relevant developments in risk, assurance, audit, fraud, analytics, security, data protection, regulation, technology, intellectual property and privacy.

In short, we know what you need to know, and what it feels like to track and absorb huge amounts of intelligence in the limited time available. We seek to provide an indispensable source of information for thousands of professionals working in the global communications sector, and for those members of the public with a keen interest in protecting their right to affordable and secure communication.

This website is the latest incarnation of what was previously called ‘the talkRA project’, a collaboration of like-minded risk and assurance professionals that began in 2008. When we started, we all worked in the communications industry full-time, and our only goal was to improve the exchange of information by voluntarily sharing what we knew, whilst encouraging others to emulate us. That project spawned a website read in every country, a podcast, a book, and a loyal following.

Time has inevitably changed the composition of our crew, with some old pals moving on to other pastures, whilst new friends have joined our ranks. Time has also witnessed the evolution of the threats faced by the communications industry. After canvassing talkRA’s supporters, original founder Eric Priezkalns relaunched the website as Commsrisk in 2015, confirming the established trend towards providing a broader scope and more extensive coverage of the latest risk news.

To the extent that Commsrisk exists as a commercial entity, it is owned by Eric’s company, Revenue Protect Limited. However, the reality of Commsrisk is much more subtle than any business model. To get the inside knowledge needed to really address risks, we rely upon an extensive network of good and honest professionals who volunteer their insights. When they write for Commsrisk, they retain their copyright. A full statement on the status of intellectual property rights relating to this website and its content can be found here.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due, and sharing risks and rewards between everyone who contributes to our educational projects. When there are opportunities to collaborate on educational products that also generate revenues, such as book royalties, every participant is offered a fair share of the proceeds. However, they often choose to reinvest them into our next project.

We see a real need for Commsrisk, not only because good risk management and assurance boosts the bottom line for businesses. Commsrisk wants to assist the education of communications employees and consultants, and through them ensure that comms providers serve the needs of the public… and we believe it is perfectly possible to conduct business in a way that equally benefits customers, employees and shareholders.

Commsrisk is an information exchange, and increasing complexity means we will all need to absorb even more information in future. Our goal is to continue to develop Commsrisk into a crucial resource that serves the needs of its loyal and expanding audience. We hope that you find our content useful, informative, and even entertaining at times. And we invite you to help us by sharing your insights too.

About Eric Priezkalns, Commsrisk Editor


I am the editor of Commsrisk, and a quick glance at the archives confirms I have written about all sorts of risk and assurance challenges since I began blogging in 2006. When I started blogging, it was a new and peculiar thing to do; few have taken to it like I have. Back then, I knew there were people working all around in the globe in niche roles, everywhere from Nairobi to New York, Bangalore to Budapest, who could help each other by sharing their specialist insights, although they were unlikely to meet in person. I needed to know more to do my job properly, and whilst I spent plenty of time swapping emails and making phone calls to peers around the globe, the internet offered an obvious solution to the problem of connecting widely distributed specialists and pooling their collective wisdom.

After a couple of years of blogging, my posts were rolled into the new talkRA website that I launched with help from lots of friends. After six years of curating that site, Commsrisk became my new home on the internet. I love the job of editing it, and connecting with contributors and readers all over the planet.

When my friends and I started blogging, none of us had any idea where it would lead us. Some people said we were crazy, and that nobody would visit our website. I am happy to report that my involvement in this project has given me an amazing learning experience, introduced me to countless new friends, and been the proudest accomplishment of my career.

I tell people I am retired now. When away from my computer, I prefer walking in the countryside to the environment of fluorescent lights, air conditioning, and seemingly endless meetings endured by most telco professionals. After two decades working as a consultant and manager for telcos, I was ready for escape. My professional journey took me from Enterprise Risk Services consulting in Deloitte’s London office, to Director of Risk Management at Qatar Telecom. I saw a lot of telcos, and a lot of countries, in the years between.

All my experience taught me that the true professional never feels they have learned enough. When you attain a deep understanding of one subject, you ask if you know enough about related topics. If you can successfully stand back and see the whole landscape, you also appreciate how much detail remains unexamined, whenever and wherever you choose to zoom in.

We can only learn and improve by accessing the knowledge in other people’s heads, and finding ways to cooperate for mutual advantage. I have the greatest respect for the work being done by niche risk experts dotted around the communications sector, and I appreciate the scale of the challenges they face. If I can help them work together to overcome the issues they face in common, I would consider that a pleasure and a privilege.