Why Advertise on Commsrisk?

Do you want to reach a highly targeted but truly global audience of risk, security, fraud, assurance, compliance, data science and integrity professionals that work for electronic communications providers? Your business can become one of the many companies that have purchased advertising space on Commsrisk.

Commsrisk has a unique audience profile that some have tried to emulate but none has been able to sustain. Our audience has been progressively built up through an uninterrupted stream of new articles since 2006. You can see all the articles for yourself; our archive includes almost 3,000 articles in total. Advertising on Commsrisk offers an extraordinarily cost-effective way of drawing attention to brands that want to sell their products and services to this audience.

Bid for a Space in the Next Commsrisk Advertising Auction

Advertising spaces on Commsrisk are sold through auctions that are held every six months. The deadline for bids in the next auction is 30th March 2022. The adverts for the winning bidders will run from the beginning of 9th April to the end of 8th October.

The winning bidder for a space will take possession of it until the next auction. They may change the advert displayed in that space as often as they like, at no extra charge. Commsrisk can display all common file type for images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, GIF) and we allow the use of animated GIFs. Advertisers just need to ensure the size of the file is not too large and that the dimensions of the image matches the size of the advertising space.

The following table explains the choice of advertising spaces included in the auction.

Location Current advertiser Width (pixels) Height (pixels) On which pages will the ad appear?
Title bar header Mobileum 728 90 All pages
Top of right-hand sidebar LATRO 373 373 All pages with sidebar
Article, above byline 1Route 777 120 All article pages
Article, above author profile GBSD 777 120 All article pages
Footer RiskConsulting.Biz 1200 90 All pages
Main column below "Top Stories" Symmetry 777 120 Front page only
Sidebar below reader comments BluGem 373 373 Front page only
Sidebar below video LATRO 373 373 Front page only

Bidders may submit second preference and third preference bids in case they are unsuccessful with the bid for their first choice. Lower preference bids are ignored when a bidder wins a space.

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