Another Landmark Year for the UK Revenue Assurance Group

As 2014 draws to a close, I am forced to think back across the year of the Revenue Assurance Group, and also to the coming year.

For me, being a part of the RAG has always been a great privilege, and being lucky enough to be the Chairman during its 10th year has made it even more special.

Over the past year, in the three meetings we’ve had, we’ve covered a great variety of topics, shared views and challenges, and debated differences in opinion.

In March we looked at the importance of Number Plan Management, how an RA team functioned within an MVNO, and we spent some time looking at the familiar challenges being faced within utilities.

RAG birthday cakeIn July, our focus was on risk management and RA across different industries, as well as RA’s involvement with reviewing business cases, and the importance of assuring assets in the telco estate – not to mention celebrating the 10th birthday with cake & champagne!

However, for me, our November meeting was my favourite: Big Data and analytics! And not just for the theme, but also because of the involvement and speakers from the UK, the US and Australia. The contents included:

  • Big Data and managed analytics opportunities: how analytics can reveal counterintuitive customer behaviour, and how to maximise the relationship with customers to improve their experience and subsequently their life-time value
  • smart metering in utilities: the challenges in knowing what data can be used for what, for improved customer experience and to gain better/trustworthy data into the BSS and OSS
  • smart asset and energy management: looking at the less traditional RA activities of cost saving and margin improvement, rather than revenue recoveries, and how these efficiencies can dramatically strengthen the existing bottom line of an energy and maintenance hungry organisation

It’s been a good year for RAG and 2015 is shaping up the same way, with more topics for discussion, great insights and more members and attendees than ever before. We’ll continue to grow in size and worth, covering the issues that matter to us.

The RAG is only made possible by the efforts of speakers, members and attendees – and of course by the generosity of Cartesian who host, cater and sponsor the event, and who have done for 10 years.

Rob Chapman
Rob Chapman
Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). He is responsible for the planning and execution of each RAG event. Rob's goal is to bring together professionals from across the industry and drive RAG's agenda forward.

Rob started working for RAG full time in 2018, having served as Chair on a voluntary basis for the previous four years.

Before joining RAG, Rob was a senior consultant at Cartesian. He has worked in revenue assurance and billing roles for TalkTalk, Verizon Business, Energis and Hutchinson 3G.