Answer: Low Hanging Fruit

There are a number of ways you can find quick RA wins within an operator, the following are just a few tips for routing out the low hanging fruit:

1) Existing Reports – Most departments produce there own reports detailing customer numbers, system throughputs, revenues etc.  Take these reports and compare the numbers ie NOC customer numbers vs Finance customer numbers – quite often you’ll find large differences that indicate that some sort of problem exists

2) Interviews – Try and identify the key personnel who have manual processes that are Revenue critical – ie someone who manually inputs service orders. Interview the SME and you may find serious control weaknesses that indicate a potential revenue loss

3) The Internet – This is my favourite and the easiest way to find revenue loss(fraud). Go online and search the internet for free calls with your operator. You’ll find a number of chat sites where people swap tricks for getting free calls – test out what they say – you may get lucky.

4) Customer Services – When customers get over-charged they’ll complain, these complaints will be logged in a CRM system and hopefully categorised.  Try and identify the most common complaint – obviously what you’ll have is a Revenue Gain issue, but if the issue is the result of a system failure/problem you’ll often find that the inverse issue exists whereby customers are being under-charged.

The above are just a few tricks that can be used, but the basic theme is simple – when faced with short timescales, don’t try and source your own data just use what’s already available.

Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart
David is an experienced manager, having worked for a variety of international telcos. He has hands-on knowledge of fraud management, revenue assurance, risk management and software development. David is currently the Group Director of Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management at Vimpelcom.

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  1. hi,
    I have question regarding RA win within the operator.lately the management challenge us about the term reveneu loss and opportunity revenue loss. I understand these and use oftenly for usage revenue.
    Prepaid reload is subscription. If there are outage on the reload channel,what should i call it?

  2. If I have understood your question correctly – the users of the prepaid reload subscription service are being prevented from using the service during an outage? If by using the service the subscribers would have spent more money with you, then this would be termed an opportunity loss. If however the service was still being used and you were unable to charge the customer this would be termed a revenue loss.
    Hope this helps

  3. The reload channel is availble after outages,subscriber who were deny previously to do reload,are now are to do so. Let say the outage is one hour,the next hour ,operator are able to gain back revenue as subscriber wait till the channel available. So,should we still call it opportunity revenue loss?

  4. What I would suggest doing, is look at how the hours outage impacted the overall days total revenue – in comparison to a day where no outage occurred. I would then report the difference as an Opportunity Loss.

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