Answer to L.T.T. – 10

This month’s LTT by Arun Rishi Kapoor was meant to illustrate that operational performance can be enhanced by fine tuning the alarm rules, to eliminate unnecessary false alarms. This would then allow the RA-FM team to also concentrate on alarms coming from the new roll out of 4G/LTE and Mobile Money services, without the need to recruit more staff.  

The CFO wanted to know the following:

Which network was contributing to the most number of false alarms?

You need to create a pivot on the (LTT_10_Alarms.xls) file to find the maximum number of false alarms.

LTT10 pic1

The correct answer is Network F.

What configuration entities can be fine tuned in the Industry Alert Violation rule to lower the number of false alarms in the FMS?

Based on the statistics of the pivot on the (LTT_10_Alarms.xls), the following recommendations can be given.

  1. As most of the false alarms are coming from Networks A, B, D, E & F, it would be better to create a separate rule for these Networks. In the extreme case, we could consider turning the alarms off for some of these Networks altogether but this is not advisable for extended periods of time.
  2. Since all of the fraud is being generated in Network C, but is also contributing to some false alarms (41), the Fraud Manager could expand the rule from the first 7 digits (cc+4 digits) to 9 digits (cc+6 digits) to make the rule more accurate.
  3. Out of the 1780 countries in the industry alert dump file, fraud alarms are only found in 15 countries (see table below).

 LTT10 pic2

Thus the three configuration entries – network, country and called number prefix is causing lots of false alarms and requires fine tuning.

How many calls were made to numbers in the Industry Alert Dump File?

  1. In the (LTT_10_xDRs.xls) file, take the NEW CALLED NUMBER field – 7 digits (cc+4 digits) and then copy them into a new column named [CALLED NO (first 7 digits)].
  2. Now do a vlookup of this new column to the column – [Range (cc + 4 digits)] in the (LTT_10_Industry_Alert_Dump.xls) file.
  3. For the B number ranges matching, these are the calls made to the Industry Alert dump.

The correct answer is 2410 calls and can be found in this file.

Congratulations to three times winner, Michael Lazarou, and Deepak Chand for providing the correct answer. The next LTT will be published on Monday 18th November.

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