Answer to LTT – 14

Congratulations to Derek Burgess, who wins the prize for best answer to LTT-14. The optimal solution required two supply ships, with a comfortable surplus for the journey’s final leg.

Answer to L.T.T. – 10

This month’s LTT by Arun Rishi Kapoor was meant to illustrate that operational performance can be enhanced by fine tuning the alarm rules, to eliminate unnecessary false alarms….

Answer to L.T.T. – 09

This month’s LTT by Guy Howie was meant to illustrate the importance of assuring destination dial codes, their descriptions, and the associated rating charges and internal rating system…

Answer to L.T.T. – 07

Congratulations to all those who got the answer correct for LTT-07. They are Wessel Scheepers, Sriram Dharmarajan, Arun Rishi Kapoor, Kamal Khattar, Michael Lazarou, Jeeson Thekkekara, and Guy Howie.  Analysis of the…