CFCA Extends Global Fraud Survey Deadline

The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) have announced the running of their bi-annual telecoms fraud survey for 2017 – why should you support this survey?

Within the telecommunication fraud market over the years, one standard benchmark that many turn to is the information and results of the CFCA survey. They do this in order to assess the current state of the market and various trends within it. This survey has been the only consistent survey run across the industry over the past 20 years allowing us to measure and monitor the trends and development in the market place.

Now, as we know and many state, a survey is by no means perfect, and we may often question results – as we would any survey – but the fact this survey is still the reference point and utilised throughout the industry is a testament to the fact that we all crave some insight and a level of comparison and insight as to what is happening within our world.

This survey is industry-led and answered by fraud professionals across the globe, across all elements of the industry (fixed, wireless, cable, VoIP etc). It provides an opportunity to gain an overall view as to what is happening across our world. The survey seeks to analyse various aspects of operational behaviour, fraud types and identification as well as aspects of loss.

However, the fact this survey has not majorly changed since inception allows trends to be drawn and insight gained in how we are generally performing and identify regional or service-based developments over time. Improvement and additions to classifications and analysis have been performed over the years as new issues and technologies have been identified, but this has improved the level of insight possible rather than fundamentally changing the survey approach.

I believe that all of us within the industry need to encourage participation, whether within an operator or as a supplier asking our customers to take part. If we can increase the number of responses, the range of operators and the range of territories responding to the survey, we will add to its statical validity and value to the industry.

If we ignore such an association-based activity, we run the risk of losing the one standard benchmark we have, and open ourselves to the guesswork and speculation of word-of-mouth or consulting-led indications of where we stand.

The results of the survey will be shared with the industry both in summary forms and in more detail. Insights will be supplied to participants and other industry associations during the third quarter of 2017. Please ensure your company has responded. And if you are a supplier, please ask your customers to respond to this opportunity to gather crucial telecoms fraud industry insights.

To ensure we have the maximum number of participants, the survey’s closing date has been extended to 4th August. You can find the survey at the following address:

Jason Lane-Sellers
Jason Lane-Sellers
Jason is the President of the CFCA, and is also a highly-respected independent fraud and revenue assurance consultant. He currently works in partnership with Mobileum and has previously been employed at a variety of telecom operators and suppliers including T-Mobile, Hutchinson 3G, Amdocs, Lycatel, Azure Solutions, Neural Technologies and Vodafone.