cVidya Targets Dealer Commissions

There is a lot you can do if you have data and know what to do with it. Software firms that focus on revenue assurance come from a background of trying to generate high value from relatively low levels of investment in the mining of telco data. The potential for expanding beyond revenue assurance is obvious. Israeli firm cVidya are keeping pace in the race to diversify revenue assurance software into a wider range of products. Most recently, they launched a new product that allows mobile SPs to check the commissions paid to their dealers. Intra-business assurance is a new frontier that has yet to be fully exploited. Assurance departments have tended to have narrow remits oriented around retail or wholesale billing and settlement, but the principles equally apply to many other kinds of transactions with external parties.

The challenge for a business like cVidya is to broaden their sales pitch at a time when some quarters still doubt the value proposition behind core revenue assurance. That will not stop them trying. The Israeli firm has often demonstrated the happy knack of finding a USP that will resonate with customers. This article in Mobile Europe sees cVidya CEO Alon Aginsky trying to pull off the trick once again. If it works, you can expect cVidya’s competitors to respond with their own push into dealer management.

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
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