Don’t forget the basics

If you’re new to RA and looking for some help, here’s three top tips to put on your “to do” list:-

  1. Use the framework in the TM Forum’s Maturity Model (GB941b) to assess maturity of business activities to deliver revenue assurance objectives in your organization. Pull together an action plan to progress to a higher level.
  2. Go through the inventory of leakage points in Section 6.3 of the TM Forum’s RA Guide Book (GB941) to identify gaps and weaknesses in controls. This list can also be used to help standardize RA reporting across a multinational organization. A useful case study published on the TM Forum’s website can be found here.
  3. Set yourself targets using the TM Forum’s Guide Book on KPIs (GB941a).

This is not a definitive guide on RA but will help you structure a programme of improvements.

Lee Scargall
Lee Scargall
Lee is a senior risk management professional. He has extensive experience of managing both ERM and RAFM teams in telcos around the world, having worked for Ooredoo Group, Cable & Wireless and T‑Mobile UK.

Lee earned a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, for advanced research in to 3G video-telephony.