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For the uninitiated, ERM is not the noise you make when you cannot think of what to say. (Well, it is, but not when you spell it with capital letters.) ERM stands for Enterprise Risk Management, and it is the daddy of revenue assurance. Oh yes. If you do not believe me, just check out the TM Forum’s eTOM, the best business process map known to telecoms.

Per the TM Forum, ERM has lots of kids: business continuity management, fraud management, security, audit, and insurance, as well as the aforementioned RA. Problem is, the kids are always off doing their own thing, and they never spend enough time with their dear old dad or their siblings. They need to learn to work together. Working together is in their own interest, and is in the best interests of Granddaddy Telco. And that is why, as if I did not blog enough, I am now blogging for the TMF community’s new ERM group. In my last post, I discussed how ash clouds over Europe were a relevant reminder of both upsides and downsides for telco risk management.

The new TMF group for Enterprise Risk Management will be working out how to integrate the risk silos into a comprehensive risk management universe with a single consolidated line of reporting to the company’s board. Wowzers. Could be interesting. Come join us, if you are that way inclined – you can find us here. And if you just want to keep an eye on what we are up to, I made that easy too. Look in the sidebar, below the snippets from the ever-brilliant Poulos Ponderings, and you will find a feed of excerpts from my new ERM blog. It is my way of keeping it in the family…

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk. Look here for more about the history of Commsrisk and the role played by Eric.

Eric is also the Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG), a global association of professionals working in risk management and business assurance for communications providers.

Previously Eric was Director of Risk Management for Qatar Telecom and he has worked with Cable & Wireless, T‑Mobile, Sky, Worldcom and other telcos. He was lead author of Revenue Assurance: Expert Opinions for Communications Providers, published by CRC Press. He is a qualified chartered accountant, with degrees in information systems, and in mathematics and philosophy.