Interim Findings from RAG Global Telco Enterprise Risk Survey

Today, it is my pleasure to share interim findings of the global telco survey on ERM practices with attendees at RAG’s conference in Bonn. For those that cannot attend the conference, I have attached a slide pack below. The slides highlight some of the key interim findings. They are that ERM practices within telcos are very much…

  • Still at the early stages of maturity for the majority of telco companies
  • Are not delivering full value to the organization
  • Lack self-awareness, are inward looking, and are not exploiting techniques which are openly available
  • Could do with some more integrity checking by Internal Audit
  • Companies need to raise the culture of risk awareness in their organization
  • Boards and Audit and Risk Committees need to provide better oversight and governance
  • Companies need to be more transparent and open to their shareholders

The deadline for survey submissions has now been extend to 16th July, to allow further participation. If you would like to participate in RAG’s global survey, then please follow this link:

Lee Scargall
Lee Scargall
Lee is a senior risk management professional. He has extensive experience of managing both ERM and RAFM teams in telcos around the world, having worked for Ooredoo Group, Cable & Wireless and T‑Mobile UK.

Lee earned a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, for advanced research in to 3G video-telephony.