Is GRAPA Giving Loans to Unemployed RAFM Managers?

Life must be challenging when your profile modestly states that you are an…

Executive Consultant | Thought Leader | Author | Evangelist Telecoms Revenue Assurance, Finance, Fraud & Cyber-Security

…but you actually spend most of your time creating websites to promote yourself. There is a risk that you lose track of some of those websites, allowing them to be hacked. That fate has befallen Rob Mattison, owner of the Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association (GRAPA), whose name and photograph is all over the RA Academy website, another front for his business. The front page of this website now includes some surprising new text…

Một lựa chọn phong phú của các kết quả cho tổng số và mục tiêu, cược vào thống kê-tất cả điều này trên jbo

Google translate tells me this is Vietnamese for “a rich selection of results for totals and goals, betting on statistics – all this on jbo”, where the final word is a link to a webpage that seems to offer a Vietnamese gambling app. The webpage continues…

Emergency loans for the unemployed

…and a link to a loan business that targets residents of the Philippines. It continues by telling us…

sa mga walang trabaho tulong upang malutas ang problema sa pananalapi agad kapag walang sapat na pondo, at sa suweldo para sa isang mahabang panahon. Micdredit-magkano ang mas optimal at mas mura kaysa sa pagpunta sa bangko dahil ang pera sa card ay maaaring tumagal ng halos lahat, anuman ang availability ng trabaho, suweldo, katayuan ng kasal, credit layunin. Ang application ay talagang inisyu agad sa site, matapos pumasa sa isang simpleng pamamaraan ng pagpaparehistro, tukuyin ang term at halaga, aktwal na personal na mobile, punan ang isang questionnaire, ilakip ang isang bank card at maghintay para sa isang desisyon na karaniwang hindi hihigit sa 7-20 minuto

Which is essentially the Filipino way of saying “we will give you money in 7-20 minutes”.

It is not hard to take down an old website. Mattison never takes down old websites because he is obsessed with luring poorly informed telco employees into his bogus association. He reasons that if a fool types “RA Academy” into Google then it might lead him to make money. Mattison does not care if these old websites appear ridiculous, or get hacked, because he is not targeting customers with enough discernment to care.

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
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