LinkedIn Scammers

After years spent combatting fraud in telecoms I know how important it is to protect my identity and my data. That is why I am careful about who I associate with on social networks like LinkedIn.

I must get a few connection requests a week from scammers. Some look pretty authentic. Some are just terrible like the one pictured above. This profile was located here but was pulled whilst I was writing this post.

The photo in this fake profile actually belongs to Dr. Ashraf Khalil of the Qatar University College of Pharmacy.

Unfortunately I have reached my blocking limit on LinkedIn! I thought I would share this example instead.

It is worth going through your connections to see if you have already accepted connections from scammers. Do your own due diligence on new requests, using reverse lookup tools like Tineye or Google Images to check the profile photo out, and using search engines to confirm peoples work history.

If in doubt reject-block-report.

Dan Blackband
Dan Blackband
Dan is a Director of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management at VimpelCom. He is an experienced telecoms professional with a career that spans engineering, operations management, fraud Management, revenue assurance and pre-sales consultancy.

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  1. Avatar Hans P Eismann | 20 May 2016 at 2:42 pm |

    Really enjoyed the article and the tips provided. This morning I had an invite from a Sandy Cohen (Social Media expert) based in Paris, France and a quick image search validated it to be a total scam …… => block and report.

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