Lunch Time Teaser – 05

This month’s LTT comes from Lionel Griache, who has joined the talkRA quiz team. Lionel is a senior consultant with a recognized expertise in both Billing and Revenue Assurance. In 2006, he led CAPE Technologies’ Pre-Sales Department for the South-American Region. In 2011, he launched the fully Open-Source Revenue-Assurance Dashboard solution called ProactiveRA. He’s currently providing software-agnostic RA services to telecom operators in the world.

The Challenge

You work for a startup GSM operator that offers both Prepaid and Postpaid services. Since only a few months ago, agreements have been signed for prepaid subscribers to be able to use DATA-service while roaming in a selected number of countries. It’s a relatively modest revenue-stream, still, and the staff is confident that it has been implemented with success.

The CFO wants you to review the available data to tell him if everything has been implemented correctly.

The data available is:

  • An extract of the prepaid system, giving the available balance of prepaid subs at the start of the day
  • The CDRs generated by the prepaid system
  • The CDRs generated by the GGSN/SGSN system
  • The TAP files received from the roaming partners with your subscriber’s traffic abroad

Looking at the data, would you report to the CFO that everything is ok or would you alert him about your suspicions of a revenue-leak? If you think everything is fine, explain what control gives you this assurance. If you think there is a suspicion of a revenue-leak, include the MSISDNs that you think are impacted and a quick description of the problem you suspect.

Please email your answers to – the answer will be revealed in two weeks time, along with the names of the first three correct answers.

From time to time, Commsrisk invites special guests to make an expert contribution.