Lunch Time Teaser – 09

Welcome to this month’s LTT by Guy Howie.

You work for a UK Telco that has just purchased an old fixed-line telecommunications company. The purchased company has a history of billing issues. This purchase happened whilst you were blissfully on holiday, and to make matters worse, someone in the Finance Team has already stolen a march on you and been studying some of their call margins. The CFO sends you a spreadsheet they pulled together with the help of a few other people. You know the data in the spreadsheet will be reliable.

The spreadsheet shows the actual call types and dial codes, the rated call types (which don’t always match those expected), the revenues billed (some of which may or may not be correct) and the actual costs (these have already been validated and are correct). It also contains the resulting call margins, and the published prices for the call types that the customer made. There is a final column at the end for your Revenue Assurance comments.

They have asked you to investigate this over lunch and attend a meeting with senior Finance stakeholders to discuss any of the issues you may find for each call type. You need to look for over-billing and under-billing, and because they’re commercial types too, they would also like explanations to help them understand. This means you need to guess at what went wrong and why, what went right, are there any risks, and are there any opportunities.

This is your chance to impress them with your Financial acumen, commercial knowledge, and technical know-how of numbering (dial codes), call rating, and call margin issues in general.

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