Lunch Time Teaser – 11

Welcome to this month’s LTT by Arun Rishi Kapoor.

Crossword Challenge

LTT11 - 1


1Call me if you have enough money for fun and games (3)
2An insider’s con (8,5)
3Micro is bigger brother of mini and nano (3)
4Default passwords may brings this to you (3,7)
5High speed data (3)
6If two operators A and B are not ________ partners then it would not be possible for a customer of Operator A to communicate with a customer of Operator B (12)
7Committed to fighting mobile Industry crime (4)
8Use me to bypass phone company and its charges (4)
9Technologies that have reduced the amount of power and time necessary for information to be communicated (3)
10Control & supervises the Base Transceiver Stations (3)
11Transfer of identity. Recall Mi2 (7)


8Roaming network (4)
9Part of IMSI to identiy the country (3)
12A database of all subscribers (3)
13Internet Protocol (2)
14Causes interconnect termination revenue loss (6)
15A tool to detect & prevent crime (3)
16Optic fiber technology  of a broadband network architecture (4)
17Largest mobile telephony in US (4)
18Aim to optimize a service providers operational and process infrastructure (3)
19Geographic position (4,4)
20Local loop on which origination and termination of call happens (4)
21Fraud occurs mainly where credit checking procedures are tightly controlled and fraudster uses another persons ID (5)
22Happens when services are delivered but not billed (7)


5Police services for Telecommunications (3)
10Creditor’s loss (3,4)
23Consists of fiber optic, telephone, cellular networks and comms satellites. Even consists of undersea cables interconnected by switching centers (4)
24A third generation mobile cellular system developed by 3GPP (4)


25Expert opinions for communication providers (4,2)
26An act to steal (5)

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