Growth for Orillion-Powered RAG Wangiri Blockchain

Just two months since launching its Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain system in partnership with Orillion Solutions, the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) Wangiri ledger continues to see positive interest, growth and value. The numbers contributed to the ledger thus far confirm the global scale of wangiri, as illustrated by the heatmap of originating numbers shown above. The data also highlights how this type of fraud is facilitating the flow of illicit monies across operator networks.

The pilot project has exceeded initial expectations in terms of consortium member participation and ledger content sharing between peers and is starting to provide useful insights into global Wangiri fraud. To date, over 20 entities have joined the project, and are actively contributing information to the blockchain network. This is resulting in growth of almost 100% per week in terms of fraudulent numbers detected and shared in real-time across network peers.

While the global interest and investment in blockchain solutions remains strong, the number of deployed solutions that are demonstrating value for its network participants has noticeably lagged. This anti-fraud use case bucks that trend, with companies such as Vodafone Group, Araxxe, LATRO Services, HT Eronet, Go Malta, Shaw Communications, Freedom Mobile, and Vodacom already connected and contributing to fighting wangiri fraud in this innovative and collaborative way. Interest from a further 30 companies have been received, and they are now in the process of joining this ambitious project.

With wangiri fraud and other types of nuisance calling continuing to plague customers of telecommunications operators globally, the need for industry collaboration has never been higher. The partnership of RAG and Orillion Solutions has provided a trusted and secure infrastructure for industry to utilise in protecting its customers and profitability. Additional use cases are already being planned for future solution releases, which the consortium members are actively requesting and prioritising.

Companies wishing to join the RAG Wangiri Blockchain consortium can learn more and request further information through the online services section of the Risk & Assurance Group website.

Anthony Sani
Anthony Sani
Tony Sani is a highly experienced telecoms risk and assurance executive and the founder of Orillion, suppliers of innovative risk solutions.

During his career Tony has held a series of senior management roles with responsibility for risk, fraud and revenue assurance at MTN, Cable and Wireless, T-Mobile and MCI Worldcom.