RA Question of the Week – The Fraudulent Engineer

Whilst working for a fixed line operator the following scenario was discovered:

A single switch that served half of the country was found to have nearly a thousand customers on it that weren’t set up in the billing system. The customers had been set up in such a way that whenever they made calls they didn’t create CDR’s – so there was no downstream issue with suspense. After a lengthy investigation it was found that the engineer who administered the switch had offered the residents in the local town an amazing deal of free calls for life, for a one off fee – which he pocketed.

Although this is actually a case of fraud, it was discovered using Revenue Assurance methodologies. There are numerous ways this issue could be discovered, how would your existing controls/solutions identify this loss?

Dave Stuart
Dave Stuart
David is an experienced manager, having worked for a variety of international telcos. He has hands-on knowledge of fraud management, revenue assurance, risk management and software development. David is currently the Group Director of Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management at Vimpelcom.