RAG Jobs: New Recruitment Website Launched

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) has launched a new recruitment website for telecoms risk and assurance professionals. As a member of the RAG Committee, I wanted to explain why we are acting, and what results we hope to achieve.

Why are we doing this?

We understand how difficult and challenging the recruitment process can be for everyone. The problems for employers are…

  • Vacancies remain unfilled for long periods of time
  • Advertising on big recruitment sites like Linkedin produces thousands of applications that are time consuming to review, and are usually from candidates from outside of our domain, and
  • It is difficult to target the right candidates.

The problems for candidates are…

  • It’s time consuming to search multiple corporate websites for vacancies
  • Niche roles are difficult to find on the very big recruitment websites, and
  • Vacancies get missed in email alerts because of terrible search strings producing hundreds of jobs across multiple industry sectors.

Basically, both candidates and employers have been underserved in our niche business activity for a while now.

Our aim

We want to connect candidates to prospective employers, overcoming these recruitment challenges. In doing so, we aim to become the number 1 recruitment website for telecoms risk and assurance professionals seeking work, and also for employers needing to hire them.

What have we done about it?

We have created a website to serve both candidates and employers. Candidates can create a profile for free and can apply for jobs being advertised through our website. They can also set up email alerts, and if they register with us they will have a better chance of being approached by us with new job opportunities from third parties.

Employers are able to post vacancies directly to the job board themselves and are in complete control of the recruitment process. They receive the applicant’s CV through our employer’s dashboard and can review and rate the applicants. Or the applicants can apply directly through the employer’s own corporate hiring process. We are offing a fully flexible solution that can meet the different needs of the employer.

We also offer a managed service to perform candidate screening, validation checking, shortlisting, and search. Please get in touch with us, if you need any assistance with your recruitment requirements.

Free trial to post a job ad

If you have a vacancy within your team, why not give it a go and take advantage of the free trial to post an ad on the website? The free trial lasts until 31 July 2018.

Where you can find us

Check out the new RAG Jobs service at jobs.riskandassurancegroup.org.

Lee Scargall
Lee Scargall
Lee is a senior risk management professional. He has extensive experience of managing both ERM and RAFM teams in telcos around the world, having worked for Ooredoo Group, Cable & Wireless and T‑Mobile UK.

Lee earned a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, for advanced research in to 3G video-telephony.