Razorsight: New Software, Same Old Values

Why do people still bother writing those corporate statements of values? Enron must have had one. Worldcom had one. The Mafia must have one. It probably says something about not discriminating between victims based on race, religion or sex, and that they support strong family values with in-house marriage counseling services and flexible working hours. It was with some bemusement that I read the recent press release from Razorsight, the revenue and cost optimization vendor headquartered in Virginia, USA. It tells you all about how they have lots of great new versions of their software, and makes no mention of the US$4.5m fine and court order that forced them to remove the bits they stole from rival TEOCO. Hey, but I guess nobody pays anyone at Razorsight to tell the unpleasant truth of how they do business. Then again, nobody pays me to do it either, but I do it anyway. It must have something to do with my values, though I have never bothered to come up with some silly list as if that proved anything. Anyhow, as I was looking at Razorshite’s website I noticed that they also claim to have corporate values; read them here. These are a few that caught my eye:

  • Drive for excellence and take pride in everything you do – were they proud of how they handled themselves in court, as they admitted their wrongdoing?
  • Commit to winning with integrity and to following the highest standards of ethics and professionalism – erm… does that mean they have told their current and prospective customers all of the reasons why they had to change their software, and maybe even do something that shows they intend to follow their stated values, and are not just paying lip-service to them?
  • Be flexible, learn from experience and tackle challenges with fervor – so what have they learned from the experience of having been caught stealing? Will they share those learning experiences with us, and set a better example for others?
  • Crush our competition through unparalleled teamwork – CRUSH the competition!!?!? Who wrote this – Borat?
  • Take time to laugh; don’t take yourself too seriously – great! That means nobody should get upset because I had a little fun… ;)
Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk. Look here for more about the history of Commsrisk and the role played by Eric.

Eric is also the Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG), a global association of professionals working in risk management and business assurance for communications providers.

Previously Eric was Director of Risk Management for Qatar Telecom and he has worked with Cable & Wireless, T‑Mobile, Sky, Worldcom and other telcos. He was lead author of Revenue Assurance: Expert Opinions for Communications Providers, published by CRC Press. He is a qualified chartered accountant, with degrees in information systems, and in mathematics and philosophy.