Revenue Assurance and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Part 4

I introduced RevenuePad and the RA ‘clock’ in parts 1, 2 and 3 of this series. This is the conclusion of my series.

Epilogue: It’s time for Benjamin to follow and embrace natural growth.

In this final part, first let me explain, how RevenuePad enables ‘specific attention’ for RA teams all of whom may have different needs under the same problem areas. RevenuePad enables replicating the business structure of the organization, with an additional capability that allows custom monitoring for each and every business node beyond the quantitative parameters that RevenuePad already monitors. Let me take an example: Our hands have 5 fingers each, all of which are different with different capabilities, although they belong to the same ‘wrist’. Similarly, although the overall quantification parameters for all business nodes for an operator may be same, each node may have a specific need. RevenuePad allows creating and monitoring these custom metrics that uniquely identify and help gauge the situation at the business nodes. It is not necessary for the RA teams to use this capability for monitoring only performance of the node/nodes. As I mentioned earlier, RevenuePad has a framework approach. It is ‘this’ capability that would allow customizing the necessary information for the business.

The purpose of RevenuePad is to ensure productivity of the RA departments. We all accept that it is not the best format to have analysts’ spend 80% of their time to simple detect problems, and then try to fix the. The growth of telecom as a domain does not demand hard work, it demands ‘smart work’. It is time, analysts spend 20% of crucial time in knowing the 80% of the problems, so that the rest of the time can be spent for fixing the leakages and recovering the lost revenue. That is what takes time, and that is where a true RA functions would need to be. One of India’s greatest freedom fighters and ex-Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said “Action to be effective must be directed to clearly conceived ends”. Hence for TEAM RA, its time to grow beyond the conventional approaches for working just to ensure that they do not face an identity crisis in trying to prove their merit. With the economic condition across the globe, it becomes even more imperative for RA to take up more than switch to bill reconciliations.

The need of the hour for Benjamin is to use his time-reversal clock to scale and grow, rather than wilt away.


Moinak Banerjee
Moinak works at Protiviti Kuwait, as Product Lead for their Risk Technology Services. Over the years, he has worked in product management for several leading vendors of telecom OSS/BSS software.