Revenue Assurance Doublespeak

I would like to share with you an article I stumbled upon that made me smile. Its title is “Life under the Chief Doublespeak Officer” and it was written in 1989 by William Lutz. In my view, it is as relevant as ever.

In this blog, I would like to challenge the definition of RA, following similar lines to the article above. I offer an idea why this function attracts only modest interest within a common telco.

No one would argue that the fundamental definition of Revenue Assurance is about assuring the telco makes money, this month. This necessitates that Marketing, Sales, and Operations have a joint and collective role in managing a customer experience that delivers the brand promise.

Yet, in how many telcos do RA managers have the freedom to evaluate the above functions, without first going through a career change opportunity?

Let’s see.

Marketing defines the brand promise

Marketing identifies the most profitable customers and what they value. Marketing documents and understands all aspects of the purchasing decision. It defines the attributes of product performance. It determines the brand promise and communicates it to the marketplace. In an ideal telco, Marketing and Operations work together to translate the customer experience into specific processes and actions through which the organization can deliver on the promise. If the brand cannot deliver on this promise, it is destined for failure.

  • In how many telcos is RA an active contributor in these processes?
  • In how many telcos does RA have any say in these topics?
  • Would someone allow RA to review market research findings about brand strength?

Sales effectiveness

Without a skilled and productive sales organization, few firms can survive, especially these days. The sales function takes place in a constantly evolving environment. Sales organizations must adapt to continuous changes in their products, customers, competitors, and markets. Intense competition places great value on understanding and responding to current trends within and across industries.

  • What RA department would call up residential customers and ask their view on the telco business?
  • What RA department would pay a visit to a large corporate customer to learn about the issues that prompt them to take their business elsewhere?

Operations creates the right infrastructure and processes to deliver the brand promise

The brand promise is only as good as the internal processes that deliver it. Every process should be designed, monitored, and evaluated on its ability to deliver against brand promise. This includes defining and removing internal obstacles and then strengthening the organizational ‘enhancers’ (like communication systems and technology).

Successful organizational alignment means that Marketing and Operations have a joint and collective role in designing and managing a customer experience that delivers the brand promise.

  • What RA department would call the call centre to experience the promises that Marketing states in its ads… without risking being right-sized by the COO immediately afterwards?
  • What RA manager would propose metrics to evaluate operational effectiveness?


I guess I made my point. I would be intrigued to hear your comments.

David Leshem
David Leshem
David is an expert in enterprise solutions: billing, profitability, business intelligence, customer retention, churn and revenue assurance.

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