Review of Cvidya Fraud Management Training

Recently I completed the last of the four cVidya online training courses: Fraud Management Advanced. The scope of this training covered some in-depth fraud topics, and topics in information security.

The course begins by continuing the telecom modules of the first fraud course by delving into 4G, cloud, IPTV, machine to machine, and other services. It then discusses the motivation behind fraud, and how to utilize intelligence. Additionally, the course explores tools for anticipating fraud and statistical methodologies (predictive analytics, fingerprinting, profiling), and the way to implement an FMS. Finally, the last modules discuss risk-guided fraud management and security (physical, network and information systems security).

Overall, this course was a good all-rounder but it lacked depth, as I noted in my feedback to cVidya. The course is fine at explaining the general concepts behind relevant subjects like predictive analytics, but it does not go into the detail which would be necessary for real implementation.

Obviously these courses are mostly aimed at working individuals. I assume the end goal is to provide an overview of relevant topics. However, in most cases you will already have a more in-depth understanding of the subject if you already work in RAFM. Personally, I am at the point were I want more detail, and practical advice.

Moving on from the completion of cVidya’s fraud training, I am currently registered for these two online courses:

1. Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics – data collection and analysis, statistics, data visualization by ColumbiaX. This is course runs for only 5 weeks and I hope to gain some additional in depth knowledge on data analysis and visualization more than anything else.

2. Introduction to Cloud Computing – a general primer on cloud computing by IEEEx over a 4 week period.

I hope to enter 2016 with these two courses completed, and ready to grab the larger fish in the pool of courses I have in mind.

Michael Lazarou
Michael Lazarou
Michael Lazarou manages revenue assurance and fraud at Epic, a Cypriot telco, having joined their RA function in March 2011. His background includes a double major in Computer Science and Economics, as well as an MBA. Before being lured into the exciting world of telecoms he worked as a software developer.

Michael is interested to gain a better understanding of different aspects of RA and data analysis. He shares his insights on training courses he participates in with Commsrisk. Michael's accumulated experience of online training also led him to volunteer for the role of Coordinator of the RAG Learning online education platform.