Roscom Becomes the First Carbon-Neutral Revenue Assurance Vendor

Providing the telecoms sector with carbon neutral testing is something Roscom have wanted to do for some time. Now that idea has become a reality with the installation of 350 plus solar photovoltaics panels installed at our headquarters in Derby.

The panels power all our testing equipment, our research and development and all the facilities from office equipment to heating and lighting. It means everything we do from our HQ is 100 per cent powered by our own energy. It makes us the first test call generation and RAFM vendor to supply the telecoms sector with carbon neutral testing.

Protecting the environment has become a must have – no longer a nice to have – demand from telecoms operators worldwide. Many operate in countries where the impact of climate change has been devastating. Even in the UK we have seen flooding destroy livelihoods and landscapes. This can no longer be ignored.

Quite rightly our clients from the UK and across the globe want to know what suppliers like ourselves are doing to help mitigate global warming. It’s not just about supporting them with accuracy of billing, quality of service, fighting fraud and complying with telecoms regulators like Ofcom and similar across the world.

By providing our own carbon neutral energy it also encourages our staff and contractors to take a look at what more they can do. That’s why we are also offering free workplace charging points and car benefit buying schemes to encourage them to use PHEV and electric cars. There is also provision for charging the company’s fleet cars and vans while also providing free of cost charging (and taxation) to all employees.

Simon Taylor
Simon Taylor
Simon is the Managing Director, CEO and founder of the British based company Roscom. Roscom uses the latest technology, designed and manufactured in-house, to support businesses across a range of industries undergoing digital transformations and transactions from telecoms and utilities to critical emergency service communications and online retail.