Sandvine Announces Big Analytics and Optimization Deal with European Telco

Sandvine, providers of network intelligence systems, have won a ‘multimillion dollar’ order from a European Tier 1 mobile operator according to their press release. Neither the value of the contract nor the name of the customer were disclosed, but the announcement stated that the deal would provide the telco with…

…a unique combination of Analytics, Network Optimization, and Revenue Generation use case solutions, across a large multivendor deployment footprint supporting tens of millions of subscribers.

Sandvine are so keen on the unique combination they offer that they used the phrase more than once.

“Sandvine offers a unique combination of use cases that create a powerful aggregate return on investment,” said Lyn Cantor, President and CEO of Sandvine. “For multivendor mobile networks, only Sandvine can deliver the infrastructure that enables analytics-driven machine learning-powered automation for competitive differentiation and cost efficiencies.”

However, Sandvine’s promise of being able to cut across silos to deliver multiple kinds of benefit appears to be more than marketing hype. They have established a track record of announcing sales that link analytics to network management to revenues and assurance. In doing so, Sandvine has shown they make the customer’s experience a central component of understanding the profitability and efficiency of the telco and its network.

The Analytics use cases will enable the operator to gain better visibility into the quality of experience delivered to their subscribers and monitor the changing trends in usage that will affect their network planning. The intelligence gathered will be visualized by Sandvine’s Insights family and data will also be streamed to the operator’s big data systems. The Network Optimization use cases include Sandvine’s subscriber-aware Fair Usage and Congestion Management for Mobile Networks and enable the operator to manage peak usage to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

If this is the joined-up way that Sandvine thinks about the telco’s business, will we see more telcos finally learning to manage their business as a whole, and not just as a series of disparate parts?

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
Eric is the Editor of Commsrisk. Look here for more about the history of Commsrisk and the role played by Eric.

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