Sandvine Wins $12mn Latam Order for Network Analytics and RAFM

Sandvine, the international vendor of network intelligence systems, has announced the sale of USD12mn of solutions to a telecoms group active across Latin America. The name of the customer is not disclosed, but they are described as a Tier 1 mobile operator. Sandvine’s systems will be used by the customer across 11 different countries. Their press release states that the solutions will provide analytics, revenue generation, and revenue assurance:

Analytics: Performance and Operational Monitoring, Service and Subscriber Monitoring, Capacity Planning Analysis, and User Behavior and Demographic Analysis use cases, all delivering key insights into network and subscriber behavior

Revenue Generation: Zero-rating and Application-based Plans, Advanced Data Services, and Advanced Roaming Services use cases, creating service differentiation and generating additional revenue

Revenue Assurance: Data Revenue Leakage Monitoring and Data Fraud Management use cases, ensuring accurate revenue recognition for delivered services

The latest incarnation of Sandvine was created in 2017 when California-headquartered Procera Networks paid approximately CAD562mn to acquire Ontario-headquartered Sandvine and adopt the latter’s name. The sales they have made to the Latam telecoms group suggests that several varieties of network data analysis could also merge with the extension of revenue assurance and fraud management sometimes described as ‘business assurance’. All of these disciplines could be treated as aspects of what Sandvine calls ‘network intelligence’.

It is easy to see how Sandvine’s deep knowledge of network activity can be used to identify frauds and leaks alongside other forms of data analysis. CEO Lyndon Cantor said that the 2017 merger was meant to turn Sandvine into the “preeminent provider in the emerging Network Intelligence market”. Extensive deals like this illustrate how network intelligence could become the unifying paradigm for a variety of analytical and assurance roles within telcos.

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
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