Some Myths About RA

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct an RA assignment for/with a British carrier that had invested heavily in a proper set of RA solutions about 3 years ago. The amount of leakage spotted was rather impressive. As a result I had decided to list below some myths regarding RA and to challenge them.

1. “Empirical RA efforts, prior to TMF maturity model were less effective”

Empirical RA efforts have numerous weaknesses as they rely solely on the common sense of the RA team and the support they receive from the upper management. However even the most sophisticated and well defined RA initiatives would not thrive without these elementary activities, which IMHO are entirely non-trivial.

2. “Advanced dedicated software solutions are fundamental for proper RA execution”

Software solutions are important as they allow us to focus on the “what” rather than forcing the RA team to struggle with the “how”. Yet, dedicated software requires a tendering process, internal lobbying with IT, procurement, implementation, integration, training and operating the software. Somehow it seems that 90% of the effort is still allotted for the means rather than just focusing on the job itself.

3. “RA conferences are an import platform for ideas sharing and empirical know-how exchange”

Few would argue that RA conferences have little merit. However these few would be primarily: vendors; consultants; and RA managers that hope someone will spot them whilst they give their speech on the podium, and offer them a promotion with a rival carrier.

4. “In the early days of RA there was much more fun”

Yeah, sure.

Any further suggestions for additional myths?

David Leshem
David Leshem
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