Subex Launches Cross-Vertical CrunchMetrics Brand

Leading RAFM vendor Subex has announced the launch of CrunchMetrics, a brand which promises ‘automated AI based anomaly detection’ where the use cases are relevant to the retail and fintech sectors as well as telecoms. You can find the new CrunchMetrics website here.

Subex’s press release focuses on the potential to exploit the increasing amount of data that businesses collect.

…the mechanisms to truly make use of such huge volumes of data are unable to match the current volumes and velocity of data being generated. Due to this challenge, organisations fall short of responding to significant changes which can improve business critical functions. Addressing this gap, CrunchMetrics brings to the table real-time anomaly detection helping organizations find the ‘needle in the haystack’, thereby facilitating low latency decision making.

It is their belief that CrunchMetrics will be fighting for a share of a market worth USD4.5bn in total by 2022. Subex’s revenues have stagnated around the level of USD50mn in recent years, so if they can secure even a small proportion of a rapidly growing new market it will help to rejuvenate their fortunes.

Subex appears to be segregating its revenues to help investors better understand the trends for different groups of products and services. Growth-oriented offerings like CrunchMetrics will be delivered by a subsidiary called Subex Digital LLP, which was incorporated in April 2017. The results of this analytics-focused unit will be kept separate from revenues generated by their established RAFM products and services.

The way that Subex is seeking to diversify into other verticals contrasts sharply with their major rivals WeDo, who abandoned their cross-vertical strategy a few years ago. Hard choices about whether to appeal to new markets reflects the quandary faced by many telcos. The tough strategic decision is whether telecoms-oriented businesses should primarily manage the profitability of declining revenue streams or take risks that may lead to new sources of revenue.

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
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