The Cost of Nada

I recently found myself occupied with new endeavors (smart grid related topics etc). Seeking complete closure, I’m somewhat troubled why RA attracts only limited interest from the “typical” telco CXO.

TalkRA is discussing various RA techniques and standards; It had been read by a small and quality community of RA professionals. Yet it would be safe to assume its coverage is limited to a small number of RA practitioners.

I will try to offer a suggestion why…

The highest art of any trade is being able to answer the “what if not” challenge. I presume no one would dare to ask “what is the cost of not have a billing system?” or “what is the cost of not having a customer service department?”

Yet, I’m not so sure what would be the reply if we challenge the RA function and the related costs it involves. Sure, there are rather useful RA dashboards, and there is documentation about the right way of doing business by the TMF, Papa Rob and plenty of consulting firms. We’re also well familiar with fancy ROI figures which support the cost-benefit argument to implement an effective RA policy. However my challenge is being able to reply to a simple question: “what is the cost of not having an RA?”.

For sure one can craft a reply and mention SOX as a supporting argument. Others would mention proper financial controls. In some cases we can offer an uphill reasoning that we need RA to demonstrate that the telco is taking all the proper measures to shield itself from class action law suits when billing is not right.

To my ears, these are somewhat whining arguments. I’m looking for a clear and decisive answer, similar to one where no one dares to ask the cost of not having a billing system. At least in the case of billing, the reply lays within the question. Can somebody offer a similar answer for RA?

talkRA might consider offering an exciting prize for the best reply!

David Leshem
David Leshem
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