There and Back: RAG Visits Africa, India, and the UK

The Risk & Assurance Group (RAG) has come a long way from its humble origins in the UK, where it held small, one-day meetings a few times a year. Against the expectations of many naysayers, RAG has circled the world, bringing with it the latest and greatest information and innovation for risk and assurance professionals. For those who have forgotten how far RAG has travelled, we have taken our uniquely open format of free conferences to Germany, South Africa, Australia, Kenya, the USA, the Kingdom of Bahrain and, most recently, Canada.

No Time To Rest

The growing popularity of RAG events means we are planning further ahead than you may think. Our next conference will be with MTN Group as we return to Johannesburg to better understand the aggressively evolving African market.  But RAG is hungry for more and spreading its wings once again.

In 2020 RAG will journey to southern Asia, where BT will host our first Indian conference at their facility on the outskirts of Delhi. The conference is scheduled for February 5th and 6th; some exciting headline speakers have already agreed to take part.

Forward Thinking

RAG Delhi will complete one cycle of intercontinental conferences. The next cycle will begin in Europe, with returning to London. BT Group will host RAG in the impressive auditorium (pictured) at their facilities in the St Paul’s district of London on the 13th and 14th May 2020.

Don’t despair if you can’t make it to South Africa, India or the UK.  Just be sure to check the RAG website and read the monthly newsletters to learn where we are going next, and also about our online services and initiatives.

RAG has come a long way, but it wouldn’t possible without the support of sponsors, the tireless work of the RAG team, and the generosity of experts who attend so they can teach and learn from each another.

If you haven’t been to a RAG conference before, take a look at some of our previous events. If you aren’t yet a RAG member then join for free here and never miss news about RAG.

Rob Chapman
Rob Chapman
Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). He is responsible for the planning and execution of each RAG event. Rob's goal is to bring together professionals from across the industry and drive RAG's agenda forward.

Rob started working for RAG full time in 2018, having served as Chair on a voluntary basis for the previous four years.

Before joining RAG, Rob was a senior consultant at Cartesian. He has worked in revenue assurance and billing roles for TalkTalk, Verizon Business, Energis and Hutchinson 3G.