Three New Courses Added to RAG Learning

One of the most pleasant tasks of my role as RAG Learning coordinator is uploading new content. That is why I am particularly happy to announce the three newest additions to RAG’s online learning platform:

  1. Prepaid
  2. Postpaid
  3. Mobile Number Portability

These courses have all been provided to the community by MTN Group.

I would like to remind you that all courses are offered for free. All you need to do is register and then you can enroll to any of the eight available courses. The other courses are: Interconnection, Roaming, Fraud, Risk, and Mobile Money.

Over the past month I have noticed that while most users are still from the UK, South Africa, Ireland and India, the top 10 list features new additions: the US, France and the Netherlands. The most traffic was generated by the US, Saudi Arabia, Namibia and Nigeria. This means users in new regions are taking the courses. Latin America is the only region where we have not identified any participation, but registration details show that RAG Learning has users in at least 65 countries worldwide.

For the first two months of 2019 we had an almost 12% increase in registrations. This is another sign that the RAFM community is embracing RAG Learning. Interconnection continues to be the favourite course worldwide, and it generated the most traffic last month along with roaming and MNP. The end of next month will see the first anniversary of RAG Learning and the interconnection course going online, but we are still seeing plenty of new users choosing to enrol in the interconnection course.

I truly believe that the three new courses will add to the momentum. If you have taken any of the courses on RAG Learning and have feedback for us please let us know. If you would like to contribute in any way, or provide content to share with the community then please contact us here. If you have not yet taken any course on RAG Learning, then what are you waiting for?

Michael Lazarou
Michael Lazarou
Michael Lazarou manages revenue assurance and fraud at Epic, a Cypriot telco, having joined their RA function in March 2011. His background includes a double major in Computer Science and Economics, as well as an MBA. Before being lured into the exciting world of telecoms he worked as a software developer.

Michael is interested to gain a better understanding of different aspects of RA and data analysis. He shares his insights on training courses he participates in with Commsrisk. Michael's accumulated experience of online training also led him to volunteer for the role of Coordinator of the RAG Learning online education platform.