TMF Publishes Global Revenue Assurance Survey

Being a passionate long distance runner I have been practicing throughout the Finnish winter. I prefer outdoor running which provides plenty of fresh air but admittedly is a little more slippery. This winter I used studded running shoes – if you run without studs the results can be embarrassing. Thanks to my studs, I managed to impress the crowds as I ran up a steep and icy pedestrian path by the metro station. Most of them were struggling to put one foot in front of the other, so when they saw me speed by I heard many comments of “heej?” ( = what’s going on here?), “mmmm?!” ( = how is this possible?!) as well as some “ahaahh!” ( = got it – I’ll immediately put studs on all of my winter shoes). There are indeed regular studded winter shoes on the market in the Nordics but only a very few have discovered them so far. Most pedestrians just face the risk – they move slowly and accept inefficiencies. Others move faster, accepting the high risk of falling and injuring themselves and others.

Like putting studs on your shoes, revenue assurance is about actively managing the risks facing your company. The TM Forum’s Global Revenue Assurance Survey Report 2016 provides a thorough portrait of the RA function today. It also captures the recent trends, as evidenced by 146 participants globally. Our conclusion is that revenue assurance is transforming from a ‘financial revenue watchdog’ to a ‘proactive, cross-functionally operating business assurance discipline’. Modern RA helps businesses to actively manage emerging risks whilst ensuring margins and profitability.

Key Survey Findings

This downloadable infographic summarizes the main findings from the survey.


Maturity Centric Survey

The survey report presents the factors which drive maturity and explores regional differences and operational circumstances. The report also highlights evolution paths for the performance and purpose of RA subjects.


Integration of the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Maturity Model

Specific questions from the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Maturity Model (RAMM) were integrated as well as RAMM topic-level maturity scores to align the RA maturity best practice with this survey.

Operator Use Cases

Use cases from Deutsche Telekom Group and BT Group exemplify how leading RA organizations make use of the RA survey results and other TM Forum standards, frameworks and guidebooks to drive their assurance strategies.

Expert Takeaways

Recognized industry experts in RA — Tony Poulos, Eric Priezkalns, Alex Leslie, Dan Baker, Rob Chapman and Gadi Solotorevsky — have provided their top survey takeaways. They complement the survey with outside-in views reflecting on developments as well as on future challenges and opportunities.

Free Light Benchmark Report

Finally, the RA survey report also contains a free light benchmark report. This report depicts selected key questions in the areas of organization characteristics, maturity, coverage and performance for six typical RA organization profiles.

Enjoy a Free Copy of the RA Survey Report Now!

The world can be a slippery place, and you not want to fall. Following my runner’s logic, you can acquire your studded RA running shoes now, free from the TM Forum. Put them on and enjoy your very own “ahaahh” experience. And then share it with others!

Rene Felber
Rene Felber
Rene is Head of Risk & Assurance at Telia Company, Finland. He is responsible for managing GRC (governance, risk & compliance), fraud management, revenue assurance and credit control. He has also been the leader of the TM Forum’s global RA survey since 2014. Additionally, Rene is one of the driving forces behind the TM Forum’s new Business Assurance Initiative. In his co-lead role, Rene’s ambition is to help professionals in the Business Assurance area to acquire capabilities to master future challenges and to become proactive value drivers in their companies.

Rene has over 15 years of industry expertise and has spent 10 years in international consulting and auditing, with a background in GRC, RA and outsourcing/partner management. He received an outstanding contributor award from the TM Forum for thought leadership in his area.