UK RAG Opens Their Doors!

The Revenue Assurance Group (RAG) was set up by Cartesian in 2004 for the leading RA experts.

Since then, it’s developed beyond a UK-centric market, and is now being expanded out to other countries, and to include independent subject matter experts to ensure attendees and input are as rich as possible.

Not only that, we’re also finding that the traditional Revenue Assurance skillset harnessed in Telcos is being applied across Utilities and Retail, so we’re seeing a keen interest from professionals in those industries to join in. Cartesian host and co-ordinate the event, ensuing that it remains focused, topically current and runs smoothly.

We held the first 2013 Revenue Assurance Group session back in March and, as usual, it was a success.  A key factor to this success and future of the RAG is that it’s free, collaborative and non-competitive, which we don’t just actively encourage, but insist upon!

In the March session we covered a variety of interesting topics with speakers on the code of practice for accuracy in Australia through to the pending EU Tax changes.  Aside from the usual fabulous insights into our worlds from the thought leaders of RA, was the need for expansion of the group.

As mentioned, we used to be exclusive to UK operators, but have decided that the British RA community was better served by allowing everyone to take part.  So – time for change!

From the next session (September 2013), we’re reducing the exclusions: no longer just UK-centric entities and not just network operators!

In real terms, this means we don’t lose the input of SMEs, such as Eric, who up until this point could only attend if they were speaking.  This broadening will enrich the RAG further and bring even more expertise into the room for our discussions – helping us understand how our domains are expanding.  It also means we can share innovations, initiatives and challenges from farther reaches sooner than before, ensuring that these thought leaders can contribute in this non-competitive, collaborative group for the good of Business Assurance and Risk Management.

If interested, and you want to know more about the RAG or want to be a part of it, visit the website at or send us an email: [email protected].

And because we’re firm fans of talkRA, we’d like to share what we’re doing in the UK RAG with all of you in the worldwide community of business assurance practitioners. That way, if you’re visiting London during one of our meetings, you’ll know to drop in and say hello!

Rob Chapman
Rob Chapman
Rob is the Chief Operating Officer of the Risk & Assurance Group (RAG). He is responsible for the planning and execution of each RAG event. Rob's goal is to bring together professionals from across the industry and drive RAG's agenda forward.

Rob started working for RAG full time in 2018, having served as Chair on a voluntary basis for the previous four years.

Before joining RAG, Rob was a senior consultant at Cartesian. He has worked in revenue assurance and billing roles for TalkTalk, Verizon Business, Energis and Hutchinson 3G.