WeDo Rebrand Too

January must be a good month for branding exercises. Hot on the heels of Subex’s brand awareness campaign, WeDo has also tinkered with their brand. WeDo’s exercise is a little more modest though, as it involves changing name from WeDo Consulting to WeDo Technologies and not much else. That makes sense, because WeDo’s positioning as a consulting business was at odds with the fact that they also sold software. However, the marketing bods could not resist the temptation to play with the corporate logos:

old wedo logo new wedo logo
old logo spot the difference

The obligatory press release contains the usual deep insight into the choice of colors and geometric shapes:

“the objective was to keep our brand corporate assets, the squares and colors, since both have a strong impact and awareness. The dark colors represent the technological component and the lighter colors the human side of the business. Together, they form the perfect mix and reflect WeDo’s identity as a company.”

I wonder how much WeDo paid to tweak the font and round the corners of the boxes. But perhaps it is time Rev Pro’s logo had a refresh by making the edges softer… and it will not cost me a penny ;)

Eric Priezkalns
Eric Priezkalns
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