Welcome to talkRA

We spell talkRA with small talk and BIG RA. But there is nothing small about our talk, or our ambition for that matter. We intend to wake up the sleepy backwater of revenue assurance (and revenue management, and fraud prevention, and business analytics, and… you get the idea). It’s time to stop passing the buck, or allowing the buck to leak out of our grasp. We didn’t just grab hold of the buck, we stuck it up our jumper and now we’re running with it.

If you came here wanting to find out what is happening in the world of revenue assurance (and revenue management, and all the rest…) you came to the right place. Our crew has news and opinions coming out of their ears. If you came here wanting to be appointed Lord of RA, in exchange for doing nothing at all, you should move on. The site is called talkRA, but it is hosted by people who do as well as talk. We have some of the best people working in revenue assurance, and not just the ones with fancy titles or big marketing budgets (though we have some of them as well). If there was a better place to read about what we do, we would be reading it. There isn’t, so we’re writing it. When it comes to revenue assurance (and revenue management, and…) the buck stops here.

Matt Clark
Matt was a co-founder of talkRA.com, the predecessor of Commrisk. He is a project manager and software developer with knowledge of Adobe Flex 3 & 4, ActionScript 3, AIR, AMF, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Perl and Java. After many years in telcos, Matt now works in the financial services sector.