Why I Am Going to the RAG Bonn Conference

I’ve attended RAG events intermittently over many years. As a consequence, I have seen them develop from the early days of a bunch of telco controls specialists in a smallish (but comfortable) room in the attic of a building (yes, there was pizza), through to what they are now – a professional body of experts in risk and assurance, with a global remit covering risk management, revenue assurance, fraud management and security.

What has struck me most profoundly over this time is not just the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere from this diverse group, but the wealth of knowledge and willingness to share. With my own journey having taken me over the years from revenue assurance to business risk, data privacy and cybersecurity, I find it increasingly critical to engage in the open forum of ideas. We are so much richer for it.

So I’m looking forward to the Bonn Conference and in particular the panel which I’ll be joining to discuss the Top Priorities for Telecoms Cybersecurity. I’m interested in hearing thoughts on responses to vulnerabilities to various forms of attacks, and the risks related to potential impacts such as denial of service and loss of integrity or confidentiality of network services and incident response management. From user authentication hacking to VoIP vulnerabilities, I’m hoping for a wide-ranging discussion of ideas and approaches at both the technical level and for discussion with the Board.

If these topics interest you, then please join us at RAG Bonn.

Vernon Kitay
Vernon Kitay
Vernon Kitay is Head of Governance, Risk and Controls (GRC) and the Virtual Chief Information Security Officer of Blackfoot UK. He leads the development and delivery of their GRC, Virtual CISO and Data Protection Officer (DPO) services as part of Blackfoot’s Cybersecurity Advisory and Assurance offering.

Before he joined Blackfoot, Vernon worked in controls, risk and security for a variety of businesses. He was the senior manager who oversaw IT controls and information security for retailers John Lewis, was Group Risk Manager at Dixons, and was a pioneer of revenue assurance controls methodology at T-Mobile UK.